Why Music Marketing is Moving Online

It used to be that music marketing simply meant getting signed to a major label or music publishing house. But today, music marketing is quickly moving online.

People are increasingly opting to go digital, and ‘artists’ are following. Artists and music producers are seeking to get out of the studio and reach a larger audience, and they are now turning to the digital sphere to achieve that goal. Although iTunes Exposure has its advantages, there are several reasons why music marketing is moving online to get their music promotion.

First, music exposure on iTunes is usually free. So there is no cost to the music producer, and it means that any potential customers can see the artist live in front of them. It also means that anyone can get the ‘insider’ information that would normally be denied to them, such as when an artist is on tour.

This, of course, frees up a lot of electronic resources for the music producer to use. One of the reasons that artists are embracing iTunes is that they often have a product or service in the making that they are selling. That is always a difficult process to achieve, and the whole point of putting together a product or service is to achieve a reaction from the customer.

And what about reach online? When digital technology is used as a marketing tool, that reach can become huge. It may seem that they are losing the ability to sell a product on the basis of the exposure, but it is the exposure that is important.

The traditional media of TV, radio, and publishing are not moving to that digital platform, although there are many artists who have understood that their potential customers are now getting online, and they are embracing the situation. And if you think about the benefits of digital marketing, you will realize that the original artist has now become a superstar, because of their huge online presence.

The need for a major label or publishing house to purchase their music is less important now than it was in the past. In the digital realm, the artist has much more control of his or her image and what kind of exposure is achievable.

Traditional music marketing is now digital. Many artists who have signed to publishing houses now turn to digital to promote their products. This is a very good move.

It means that the music industry’s credibility is shifting online. Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and more open to the kinds of music that are available on the internet.

One of the dangers of the internet industry is that the ‘average’ consumer will see the whole picture, rather than just the face of the business. That is certainly the case with music, which is very commercial. Music marketing should therefore be packaged to allow the artists to stand out, while still appealing to the general public.

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