Tips That Will Kick start Your Instagram Music Promotion Today!

If you’re an indie artist looking for music promotion services you’re in the right place. iTunes Exposure has been around for almost 20 years and has been helping promote artist who have music on iTunes and other. Keep reading to find out about how to promote your music using Instagram.

If you’d like to get started with using your Instagram account for music promotion, it’s essential first to convert it into a business account.

A business account operates in the same way as a personal account, with the only difference being is that there are some additional features added.

Some of these features include analytics to monitor your engagement, as well as the addition of direct contact buttons.

To move to a business account, navigate to the ‘settings’ menu, and select ‘switch to a Business account.’

Before setting it up, Instagram will prompt you to connect to your Facebook artist (business) page.

1. Rock It with Your Music Videos

What would be inevitable; recordings are the freshest road in the market. Indeed, even Spotify is presently beginning to make its very own video content for their foundation!

Some may state it’s not the equivalent since MTV moved away from the business, however in all actuality the music video is a long way from dead.

A video is an extraordinary method to get individuals to comprehend the venture musically – in only two or three minutes.

From an industry perspective, it likewise shows the potential ‘purchaser’ how adequately they could discuss your music with fans. It gives them a full review of your music, yet in addition your performing nearness and style.

Furthermore, the best part? You needn’t bother with an expanded spending plan to make a music video. Here you can perceive how Indy Mogul shoots a no-spending limit, negligible rigging music video in 4 hours!

2. Improving Your Profile Bio on Instagram

While the bio section on Instagram may not be so detailed, you can do a lot to optimize it.

For instance, you’ll notice that some of the bios from world-renowned artists like Beyonce have bios with very few words but act as a highlight of their super pitch.

The goal of your bio isn’t to tell people about the kind of music that you make.

Instead, it’s to tell your story and to single you out as a unique artist. You’ve got to develop a hook that will get people invested in your page!

The language that you use is also essential to connect with the target audience you’re selling to. For example, if your target audience is teenagers, then a simple, natural flowing language will do.

If you have a more adult-oriented fanbase, you might have to take the dialect up a notch.

3. Choosing A Great Instagram Profile Picture

Similar to your bio, your Instagram profile picture should be a representation of you as a musician. In simple terms, it should accentuate your musical spirit and vibe.

If you might be missing some professional photos of you (or the music group that you’re associated with), this might be an excellent opportunity for you to go for a professional photoshoot.

After doing so, you can use them across your different social media channels. But it doesn’t have to be professional photos only. You can also have a great logo or cover art to do you justice too.

Now that you have some great tips to promote your music on IG you can look into using experts to help you. at iTunes Exposure we can help you with music promotion at affordable pricing. Let the experts at iTunes Exposure help promote your music allowing you to focus on what matters most and that’s making music!