Soundcloud Promotion – 5 Tips for Using Your Blog and Soundcloud to Promote Your Music

Soundcloud is a great platform for both independent and established artists to showcase their music and gain exposure to a global audience. However, not everyone is aware of how best to promote their music using the platform. Here are a few tips you can use:

Blogspot is similar to Soundcloud in that it allows for creative and user-friendly navigation. You simply need to have an account with Blogspot, log in, and add a new blog. There are no special “soundcloud” plugins to install, and you can link with Blogspot if you would like. Any promotion plan, you plan on setting up for your blog must use Blogspot’s API, so just make sure you look up the terms before getting started.

Once you have logged in, you will find a link in the navigation bar near the top of the blog. Clicking on this link will take you to the blog’s promotion page. The page will include a brief description of your blog, as well as the “Promote Yourself” link at the bottom of the page.

In order to promote your music on Soundcloud, you must first add it to your profile page. To do this, click on your profile picture, then click on “add new profile” at the top of the page.

When adding your music to Soundcloud, you will have the option to save it or share it. If you select “save,” you will be given the option to add it to the blog (just as if you had added it to your profile). If you select “share,” you will upload it to the blog. Once uploaded, you will be asked to customize the description box with any information you’d like. Then you will be prompted to upload a link to your Soundcloud account.

In addition to being able to upload your Soundcloud tracks into your Blogspot blog, you can upload them to your website and upload them onto other blogs. However, to do this, you will need to download your tracks onto your computer and then upload them to a public version of Soundcloud. The options you will have are more limited in both soundcloud and blogspot than they are on your account on Blogspot.

On Blogspot, you can create a track directory of your own by uploading your songs into different categories that you have created. If you are blogging under a different name, you can share your tracks with other bloggers. However, your tracks will only be available to others who have expressed an interest in them.

However, if you are blogging under a different name, you can link directly to Soundcloud from your blog, although it may cause some confusion for other bloggers. Although Blogspot allows for you to create an account with your full name, there is an option to use your handle instead. When choosing your handle, you must include your username, such as “Ben Miles.”

For Soundcloud, you can create a direct link to your tracks on Blogspot, but you can also upload them to your website. If you do this, you must do so with a unique link you will place on your website. In addition, your songs will show up as part of your website’s regular track listings, which you should also do on Blogspot.

One thing to remember when you’re using Blogspot and Soundcloud for your promotions is that you cannot monetize your tracks with either service. However, you can opt to have them listed in Google’s search engine. When a user searches for something using Google, if the result includes your track, you will be credited.

So in summary, if you are planning on promoting your music on Blogspot, it is best to utilize its “promote yourself” feature in order to gain as much exposure as possible. If you choose to use an alternative service such as Soundcloud, however, then you may have more control over your blog’s visibility and can add other social networking features.

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