Rap Music Promotion – How To Get Your Name Out There With Rap Music Promotion

The internet has changed everything, and there are no great wars and struggles as there was in the past. And it seems that the music industry has also changed as well, so the big question is how does one go about rap music promotion on the internet?

The big question I would ask myself is this. If you’re a small indie label, how do you push your music and gain exposure to the most influential artists out there? Do you hire a bunch of foreign agents to do it for you? Or you can have a website with cool graphics and video and upload your music.

A quick Google search will reveal some amazing websites and methods for rap music promotion, as well as the ‘old school’ ways of going about it. One big problem, which is common to most, is that the ‘new music’ artist may not want the attention or not be able to market themselves in the same way as other big bands.

With rap music promotion sites, they allow you to promote yourself through the power of the internet, but they also let other big companies and labels see your music and let them decide if you’re worth working with. Of course the power of social media is only good in the hands of a big label, but the internet lets you network, share links, and put up your own work in a professional fashion.

And by having a profile on big companies’ website, you are being seen by people who aren’t interested in your music, yet. You can easily build a following and let the online fans spread the word.

But the downside of using this kind of music promotion sites is that it takes money to have a profile, and then you have to pay for every time someone visits your site, or for every video you upload. So maybe if you just do it yourself, you can find a way to work fora few bucks a month.

Spotify is probably the biggest music-networking site out there, and with 500 million users, it’s perfect for those looking to start their careers. It has some free tools such as a ‘Spotify Playlist’ and lets you interact with other musicians from all over the world.

Some free music promotion site that I personally use is SoundCloud. Their free tool, lets you combine or mix songs and upload it to SoundCloud, and instantly get views from the tool itself.

Music-related articles and blogs can also help you build your profile and get your name out there for free. Use articles, videos, and audio with an article sharing service like Digg or Tumblr, to get your name out there for free.

Another service that is getting bigger with big-name labels is called YouNow. This service has a membership program for free, which gives you access to some of the major music industry players, and allows you to share your music with the music-sharing community.

But with the internet, you don’t have to be an old hand in the industry to jump on board, and you can work your way up into the big leagues. Take a look at the above resources, and you may find your ways to be the next big rap music promoter. If you are looking to promote your music, iTunes Exposure is the service you need to use.