Music Promotion Tips For 2019

When it comes down to promoting your music online it can be very difficult. Even major artist sometimes have a hard time generating sales and steams. Having a good music pr company to get your music heard is vital. This is where iTunes Exposure comes in! Get the best music marketing for your buck using iTunes Exposure.

1. Create Your Own Documentary

In 2019, fanaticism has thrived to unimaginable heights. Today, fans have become obsessed with virtually anything a celebrity touches.

It’s a classic case of the feudal system; where they view you as nobility and themselves as commoners. As easy as this sounds, it can be used as a great marketing gimmick!

Your fans would like to know a lot about you; down to the most subtle details. Something that you can use to capitalize on your Spotify artist promotion.

What cereal do you munch in the morning? What’s your favorite toothpaste brand? What Netflix shows do you binge?

In fact, you can use your blog to divulge this information on a regular…perhaps even let them in on your songwriting process.

Publishing such down-to-earth content implores the fans to like you more. Plus its a nifty music promotion strategy.

Besides, wouldn’t you want a closer relationship with an artist you look up to?

2. Get Feedback From Fans on Your Creative Process

We can’t stress how much your fans are the cornerstone of your music career. So incorporating their feedback in your songwriting and production process is surefire to heighten their interest in your content.

But you have to give them an incentive to participate.

Perhaps you can reward the first 100 downloaders of your newest single to work on the cover art of your upcoming album.

Maybe add them to your newsletter. Or the first 10 downloaders of your new single can play extras in your new music video!

3. Contact music writers and critics For Music Promotion

Music critics, just like their counterparts in the food industry, exert a lot of influence over which artists make the cut and which don’t.

However, before contacting a music critic to review and promote your music, there’s a flip side to this.

In the event that they don’t resonate with your content, you’ve got to face the music with harsh criticism.

Alternatively, a great review (especially from an established critic) can do wonders for your music promotion!

Plus, if the critic is kind enough to link the review back to your blog, your Google search ranking will skyrocket.

4. Write Music Reviews As Well

Becoming a guest-post music writer in an established music publication such as XXL and Pitchfork is smart branding.

To be considered, you first need to create an author bio where you flex your wordplay. Such that when you’re not singlehandedly saving the jazz genre, you’re critiquing the latest music! So how do you benefit from writing music reviews?


By music promotion. You want to direct the readers to your music blog and streaming profiles, of course!

It doesn’t matter if you’re labeled the harshest critic of the millennia. Remember there’s no such thing as ‘bad publicity.’

13. Make it Easier For Your Music to Be Accessed On Your Website

Accessibility is key in the music industry. Regardless, of the streaming platforms you’ve profiled on (such as Spotify and Soundcloud), you’ve got to make it easy for visitors to access your music with one click. By prominently featuring your newest songs on the homepage of your blog or streaming profiles, it’s easier to access your content.