Music Promotion – Radio Promotion

Radio promotion is a marketing technique which helps increase a product’s awareness. This is done by producing catchy, appealing radio spots and then listening to the radio station where they are broadcasted.

Radio promotion can also be considered as music promotion, because it works in the same way. The difference is that radio promotions are intended to reach a wider audience.

Quality and radio are inversely proportional to each other; if you produce quality radio material, people will listen to it more often. However, if you don’t produce good quality radio content, then people won’t be tuning in to listen to your music. Therefore, radio promotion is a good way to get your music heard by more people.

A song that is well-liked and listens to by lots of people will probably be played on radio stations, especially those that play music from famous artists. Thus, radio promotion plays a big role in the promotion of popular songs. Some of the major radio stations in the United States include, AM, AM/FM, and DAB. These radio stations are mostly the most widely used ones.

To promote your song on a radio station, you need to be informed about the radio station that you want to promote your music in. You need to know who the station is broadcasting your song and whether it is their morning show or late night or midday.

Be sure to listen to the radio station, making note of what is being played. Write down your favorite songs and the radio station that played them.

When you have this list, check the internet to see if there are a few that may be playing your music. Keep a look out for the ones that you liked and copy their URL and email them so that you can send your personalized e-mails to them.

If you aren’t very familiar with the internet, then you will find it hard to tell whether these specific radio stations will play your music promotion. You will need someone else to do this for you.

You can do this by hiring a PR agency that specializes in music promotion. They will write an e-mail to a small town or small city radio station in your state and ask them to put your song on their airwaves, so that they can be exposed to people and to their potential listeners.

Some of the people who write these e-mails to radio stations are popular music artists. But, they need to be careful about whom they entrust the task of writing their marketing strategy to.

Some of these agencies offer other forms of music promotion strategies like promoting your track on internet blogs and internet video sites. These companies also recommend using press releases with articles about the radio station where your song was played.

Using the right way of radio promotion is not difficult. There are many different ways to get your song or band’s music heard by a wider audience. If you are looking for radio promotion to help boost your music then iTunes Exposure has you covered. With iTunes Exposure you get a complete radio promotion campaign built in.