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How Music Artists Can Promote Their Music Portfolios Using Instagram?

Music is a passion and to give this passion a prolong success and promotion; music artists are all the time in search of the perfect platform. Well, why to look around when the medium of Instagram is already there for you! The art of music is all about creativity and staying passionate in your art. The more devoted you are, the more real it will bring in your music. Instagram is one of the most reliable tools which artists can use to promote their portfolios. This can eventually help you to connect with other top leading music experts, search potential clients and can even receive the feedback of your work.

Have Strategic Posting Timings

Never give your first essential to quantity over quality. Quantity is just a small element for your portfolio promotion or growing your business sales. But quality is one such major factor that will make you completely different from your competitors. You should be publishing the music tunes on regular basis, but make sure you post it maximum twice times in a day. Publishing 4-5 times in a day will bring a sort of boredom feeling in your visitors. Delivering relevant content on your portfolio will help you to gain positive responses.

In other words, we will recommend you to create a posting schedule. This is an important step to keep in mind for high Instagram growth. Usually, morning time is the best time for posting your fresh content because generally, Instagram users are active either in the morning time or at night time. Sunday is one such day in the whole weekend when you can expect better interaction and communication with your target audience through your portfolio.

Using Interesting Hashtags On Music Videos

Next guideline from our side is about using interesting hashtags in your music videos. Hashtags play an essential role in increasing your portfolio engagement and even attract some new audience on your profile. As you encounter hashtags for the first time, you might be finding them just a few pieces of characters, but in reality, they are incredibly productive and valuable for your content. In the hashtags, you can add your brand name, brand moto, location, photo title, or so on. Although there is no such limit to use hashtags, regularly, you should stay restricted to just 30. Choose those hashtags that have high quality.

Play With Different Techniques of Editing 

Playing with the music styles is all about experimenting with various editing techniques that will help you to add some charm and freshness in your videos. You can bring some new versions in your videos and interact with the audience to ask them about which version of the video they like the most. This is an important step to keep in mind for high Instagram growth.

Music Promotion Packages

For artist who are serious and take music seriously you should get a music promotion packages that includes Instagram. With iTunes Exposure this is included when you promote your single, album, or EP. Taking your music to the next level is crucial if you are doing this to make money. But, like the old saying goes it takes money to make money so you have to be willing to invest in yourself. If you think you are ready to take your music career to the next level and get music promotion packages that is sure to boost you then get started with iTunes Exposure today.