iTunes And Other Music Services – Why You Should Promote

Music promotion is no longer as easy as before. At the same time, it can be much more profitable. If you know what you’re doing, you can get music distribution from some of the most popular services like iTunes and Amazon MP3, allowing you to reach a global market and increase your revenue. While playing live shows, occasionally throwing your cover number and perfect control of your songs, they are still needed, they are no longer the beginning and end of the announcement. Online tactics are essential to get the most out of your online audience.

Your music is an extension of who you are, an intimate expression of yourself that you want to share with other people. If you want to live off your passion full-time, you have to look at multiple distribution routes. One of the oldest ways to build an audience, and still one of the most effective, is to play live shows. This is something that every serious artist or band should always include in their efforts to find and build an audience. However, the World Wide Web offers a variety of new opportunities for musicians from all walks of life. You no longer have to be limited to local areas when you can release your music in an unsuspecting world in one go. Getting music promotion will help you gain the exposure you need.

Services such as iTunes are an integral part of the musician’s journey to acceptance. Because many music lovers browse the iTunes Store every day with the desire to discover the next big act, it’s important to be mentioned and promoted through Apple’s best service. Although you will have to split your revenue with the current distribution of the service, this is about 30 percent for Apple and the rest for you – the ability to reach tens of millions of users is a fair consideration.

In addition to iTunes, Amazon is another important service that you can’t miss to reach the public. This online retailer has long been an advocate for the independent artist. Instead of agreeing with the gatekeepers trying to exclude new talent from discovery, Amazon has made it possible to eliminate the middle man, allowing new acts to get together with their fans through direct downloads and CD sales in virtually the same way as iTunes.

Another channel that you should not neglect is that of internet radio. Services such as and Pandora serve both established artists and newcomers by creating “channels” where listeners can discover new music that appeals to their existing tastes. In addition to internet radio, you should consider being ‘seen’ on the internet. Sites such as YouTube are very popular for music. Millions of users visit every day to watch the latest music videos. Invest in creating your own. Be creative. Be compelling. Don’t rule out funny. And accompany your video with great music. The only thing that is needed is that one video goes viral to build another.

Regardless of how you spread your music, you must realize that services such as iTunes, Amazon, internet radio and YouTube are just tools. Real success still depends on good old-fashioned hard work and determination. So when you are ready to give your music the chance it deserves, use this article and make sure you are assured at every step of the program.

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