Instagram Music Promotion Tips

For indie artist who have music on iTunes and have an album you can get the best album promotion using iTunes Exposure. iTunes Exposure uses social media and Instagram is one of those sites that are used in the campaign.

1. Tips on Taking Your Instagram Photos and Editing Them

When it comes to taking photos, the first thing that you need to be mindful of is the lighting. The use of indirect, bright, and natural daylight will give you the best lighting.

It doesn’t matter whether you are posting a shot of your daily life, the band, or a concert. Nevertheless, you can also make creative photos with backlighting or even harsh lighting if you want to take your creativity a step further.

Just like in music, every one of your photos must have a central theme to revolve around. The theme of the picture could be your fans, a new album release, a lyric sheet, or anything that is tied to your music.

When it comes to taking photos, the use of a great smartphone can do the trick. This detailed video shows you how to go about it:

Alternatively, you can use a camera to take high-quality photos because it provides additional features.

After taking the photos, you can use an Instagram Uploader such as VSCO Cam or Afterlight to edit your photos and make sure that they are amazing. You can stick to the basics of photo editing, such as changing the images Contrast and Brightness. You can finally apply an Instagram filter to the process before finally posting it online.

2. What to Post Regularly For Better Instagram Music Promotion

Using Instagram successfully for your music marketing all boils down to using content marketing strategies effectively.

Your objective is to share with your fans valuable content that will make them adore what you have to offer and get them invested in your life.

Here are some great posts to get your fans interested.

You can start with 60-second videos and upload them to your feed. These videos could be anything from clips of you or your band performing live, to videos of you showing your fans how to play the guitar to one of your songs. The creativity of your videos all depends on you!

Apart from videos, you can also post images of you in the studio, on tour, or even backstage after a fantastic gig chilling with the fans.

3. Try not to Underestimate Radio Play

Incredible radio will resonate through time.

Maybe you may be excessively doubtful about this, however real music lovers will consistently possess energy for their nearby radio broadcasts.

So don’t be tricked; the radio isn’t dead… yet.

Actually, in case you’re booked to perform in a specific region, particularly in the rustic districts, why not connect with a neighborhood radio broadcast to advance your music?

In a perfect world, you can liaise with the radio broadcast’s staff to do a concise music advancement gig where you give data about the show, for example, the date and the scene; and even play a couple of tracks for them while on air.

In any case, it offers you the chance to make some buzz around your show before the enormous day.

4. Collaborate With Other Artists On Tour

What better approach to hoard another rush of audience members than to play your great music to an entirely different fanbase?

It’s become the standard nowadays for specialists to go on visit together as a road for music advancement…

Preferably, hopefully you will open for a craftsman who’s fanbase is greater than yours. This not just opens you to a bigger horde of potential customers yet additionally makes your music stick out.

5. Exhibit Your Talent in Genre-Specific Festivals

To be lauded as an extraordinary craftsman, you have to have the flashiness to perform at whatever number celebrations as could reasonably be expected.

Something else, by what other means will fans consider you to be a smooth craftsman?

Contingent upon your specialty, there are numerous prestigious celebrations you can window ornament raise for. While Coachella probably won’t be so perfect f0r an independent musical gang (let’s be honest; most teenagers go to Coachella to get pounded and drowsily weave their heads to Lil Pump), you can target celebrations that attention on your classification.

By focusing on specialty situated celebrations, your music contacts crowds that really need to hear it.