How You Can Create A Steady Passive Income Selling Music On iTunes?

You probably tried to figure out how to sell your music forever on iTunes, never got anywhere, or you might have asked the question first. Whatever you are, iTunes can be a great place to start as long as you have the right knowledge.

Musicians nowadays can easily publish and share their works online, and make a lot of money by sharing their revenue with advertising platforms. As mobile and smartphone platforms evolve, publishing and sharing have become easier than ever. iTunes – The buzz on Apple’s central mobile phone platform is already buzzing, with thousands of musicians sharing their music and earning prizes. Creating a stable passive income stream has become quite easy; even without a business knowledge or internet marketing knowledge, you can make money online. Learn how to create a passive income generator online and earn a decent income by sharing (or more accurately – selling) your music on iTunes. This guide will help you get ready for the platform and start making money fast!

Best Ways To Create a Stable Passive Income Using iTunes and Music

The best thing about living as a musician is to enjoy doing something you love to do and make money with it. Passion and love for music can bring millions; you just have to make good music and share it with the right audience. Billions of people live on earth; everyone has their own taste in music, and there will probably be someone who wants the music and will make money if they sell one of their copies. Let’s find out how to start earning money this way:

#1 Create and prepare music for release

You first need to focus on making music and be ready to publish it on the web. This step covers nearly 70% of all work required to earn a passive income. If you manage to make popular music, you don’t have to think about advertising anywhere. Do not rush while making music or just make money from your music, because that is not how it works. Show your passion and love for music – play something that fascinates you and does the rest for you!

#2: Create an account on iTunes and get to know the agreements

After you’ve done something great, it’s time to find a great place to share and sell! There is no doubt that iTunes is the best market for selling music today. You don’t even have to promote your music much. You can let users listen to part of the song and they will see a lot of sales in a very short time. You still have to do promotional things and maximize sales. During this phase, you should examine the available iTunes services, contractual agreements, terms, payments, etc.

#3 iTunes Promotion and Sales!

Finally, you need to focus on making your music popular. Be sociable, connect with students, and encourage others to get in touch with you. Share your music on popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more. These sites can help you maximize sales! Don’t advertise too much, stay neutral and be as social as you can!

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