How To Promote Your Indie Music Online

If you are an indie musician, it is important for you to promote your music online if you would like to gain more audience. Fortunately, you can explore tons of music promotion methods that can get more people to know about you and your music. In this regard, here are the vital things you should do to promote your music online:

Define your music audience

Who are the people that will likely listen to your music? This should be the first question you should answer as you are trying to find the best ways for music promotion. By knowing the demography of your audience, it will easier for you to determine where you can likely find them online. Generally, a lot of indie music lovers are on social media, so it should be easy for you to find them.

Build a solid online relationship

As long as music promotion is concerned, your online relationship goes a long way in determining your success. So, create social media accounts with your stage name and start connecting with other people. However, make sure that your online relationships are genuine, appropriate, and mutually beneficial to you and your audience.

Take advantage of music streaming platforms

Music streaming platforms have been designed to help musicians promote their music. Therefore, if you are not taking advantage of these platforms, you are doing yourself lots of disservices. iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify are a few of the best platforms that you can use to promote your music online.

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Connect with micro-influencers

Micro-influencers are individuals that have sizable fan bases, especially on one or more social media platforms. These micro-influencers can share links to your music with their fans so that they can stream or download it on iTunes or other platforms. Although you are likely going to promote some incentives to make them promote your music, the exposure you will get is going to be worthwhile.

Get in touch with other Indie artistes

One of the best music promotion methods is connecting with other musicians. Take the time to engage them from time to time and let them share your work with their existing fans. Of course, you are also going to share their music with your fans. This method has worked for so many music artistes; hence, do not overlook its importance to your music promotion.

Overall, your music promotion online relies heavily on your readiness and commitment to work all around the clock to ensure that lots of fans know about your music. Therefore, follow the steps listed above and promote your music.

Get Professional Music Promotion

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