How To Chart On iTunes Possibly Using iTunes Exposure

Are you looking to have your music trend on iTunes? Most artists aspire to reach this goal. Having your music chart is one of the best things for an indie artist. Charting on iTunes isn’t easy…if it were you would see more indie artist listed. Instead it’s mostly composed of artist who are signed to major labels who have large budgets. Charting on iTunes is strictly controlled by iTunes and till this day no one knows exactly what it takes to make this illustrious list.

No one really knows for sure what it takes to trend on iTunes, except for iTunes. However, iTunes Exposure was able to chart a recent client on iTunes. The client reported to us that he was charting just after a week of his promotion campaign starting. “It was a very pleasant surprise learning about the new heights we were able to take a client’s campaign,” stated James Moore Chairman/CEO of iTunes Exposure. “It’s not every day that an indie artist is able to chart on iTunes, and even more so that we can be a part of that.”

So, what exactly does iTunes Exposure provide that can help an indie artist chart on iTunes? Well, there are two campaigns that are currently offered, a Single Campaign and an Album Campaign. The Single campaign is designed for an artist who only has one song they want to promote. For an artist who has an EP or Album, then the Album campaign would be the best option. In both campaigns, the artists iTunes link gets promoted via several avenues. These avenues include social media marketing (on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), a complete mobile marketing campaign, press coverage, email marketing, video marketing, and a lot more. There is even unadvertised marketing that is done to give each client and edge over their competition. With a combination of all of these methods of marketing, it is believed this is what caused the recent client to chart on iTunes.

What does an artist need to get started? Getting started is easy. All the artist needs is their Bio, their iTunes link, their music in mp3 format, and a few pictures to be used for promotion. If an artist doesn’t have a music video, that’s fine, they can either make a still image video or forgo the video marketing and focus on other areas of the campaign to supplement.

iTunes Exposure has been marketing music for indie artists since 2003 and has kept up with the latest trends and technology. Also, with being a PayPal verified business since 2003, individuals can shop with confidence when doing business with iTunes Exposure.

iTunes Exposure does not guarantee that it will get your music to chart on iTunes. As previously mentioned, there are many influences that are believed to factor into charting on iTunes. However, iTunes Exposure offers a chance for indie artists to chart with our complete campaigns. Get started today with iTunes Exposure and get your music see and heard by thousands of potential fans.