Powerful Music Promotion With iTunes

Although music has continued to fascinate humanity since ancient times, recording media is still undergoing rapid technological development. The CDs are replaced by MP3 files. Discs are slowly disappearing as online music stores take off. Internet search engines are rapidly replacing friendly sellers at your local record store. A quick search on the internet is…

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Promoting Your Music in iTunes: Simplified

band promotion

iTunes is by far the largest and most popular digital music store in the world, and many people want access to their music on their platform, but not many know how to do it. iTunes may seem like a superpower accessible only to those with record playback and higher-level connections, but the reality is that…

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How To Chart On iTunes Possibly Using iTunes Exposure

Are you looking to have your music trend on iTunes? Most artists aspire to reach this goal. Having your music chart is one of the best things for an indie artist. Charting on iTunes isn’t easy…if it were you would see more indie artist listed. Instead it’s mostly composed of artist who are signed to…

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Ground breaking traffic with iTunes exposure

Do you seeking to increase iTunes sales for your music? And you are wondering what the right call is? Worry no more as iTunes exposure is here to suit your needs! It’s a great way to drag that mind-blowing traffic you desire to your music. Let’s face it times are hard and nothing seems to…

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6 Quick Tips for Band Promotion

The music industry worldwide is a multi-billion-dollar industry. In today’s market, the competition in the entertainment industry is becoming fierce.  There are some major artists who can’t keep up with the budgets of mega stars like Beyoncé and Jay-Z to name a few. Speaking of Beyoncé, do you remember when she was in the group…

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Online Music Marketing

Would you like to reveal simple to utilize video tips for online music marketing? Continue reading this information to figure out how utilizing video will boost your online music marketing campaign. Music marketing is the life saver for any artist or bands marketing endeavors. In this post I will cover one ignored yet extremely viable…

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