Apple Music Promotion – Will You Be Able to Get Music Promotion With Your iPhone?

Apple Music promotion is a step up from what your iPhone had offered you before. With a service like Apple Music, Apple has replaced your CD player with a device that gives you access to music for free. The new iPod touch is in, but iTunes is not going anywhere.

This service has a lot of new ideas and innovation on the market. Now you can find online versions of millions of songs you could never get access to in the past. And they are all for free. If you are into music then you should be in for a treat.

Some music promotion is also free. For example there are several download sites, you can register to. You get a free e-book that offers you tips and tricks on downloading and sharing music.

Apple has also announced that their official website will have a directory of all downloads for every song and album available. You can subscribe to get an e-mail notification when a song is added to the catalog. All you have to do is to click a link and the list will automatically appear.

There is one more way Apple has come up with to promote their products. You can use their referral program. What they are doing is inviting all their loyal fans to join their referral program. They will get rewards if you refer one other person to their service.

These rewards can be items from Apple such as iPhone accessories. Or it can be free. If you were to refer one hundred people you could get a new iPhone.

Your reward for joining the program will depend on how many people you refer. The best part is that you will not need to pay any money to join the program. You will just need to sign up for their referral program to get all these rewards.

When you sign up for the referral program you will also get the gift of iTunes as a reward. This is a nice benefit for every new Apple fan. So you can start off with the reward of a new iPod touch or iPhone and later on use your referral points to upgrade to something more expensive.

As Apple Music promotion is still a few months away from being launched, I am sure you will not have enough points to upgrade. But don’t worry. I can help you find a way to get more points without spending a penny.

As I mentioned earlier, you will be able to get your points back without spending anything. This is very important as you want to accumulate points for every new song or album you download. Just use a reference service such as my referral link.

Referral links is an excellent site for getting the right kind of referrals. It works on a two-step system. First you get a free report on how to build your list and build a referral system, and second you get automatic alerts for promotions and new releases. If you are in need of Apple music promotion the only place to go is iTunes Exposure.