8 Important Tips for Viral Music Promotion

As an independent musician, you might be ready to find out if you don’t. Marketing and promoting your music online is the way today. Even the big artists signed will follow this route, some big players will even release a new album in digital download format only. Having music promotion is key in your success as an artist.

In a fairly detailed telephone conversation with a good friend and colleague who is the president of a fairly large independent record label, he reported that sales of digital music or digital music downloads have now reached 50% of all music sold. That means that soon there may not be a need to have a physical product. Needless to say, it will definitely add to the budget for independent artists not having to issue CDs to press and manufacture. Not to mention how easy it is to make your music distribution initiative.

So, the long story, where will I go with this? What I’m saying is that you have to put the majority of your time, energy and money into promoting your music and projects online. You should seek cyber publicity in a greater proportion than traditional print publicity. After all, look at all the printed newspapers and magazines that are out of business today or transfer all of their publications to a truly online version. Yep, we have to face it. If you have not yet joined the Internet to promote and market your music, you better get there quickly. Staying in touch with your fans in as many ways as you can is the way to go today. Don’t make them come to you, reach them.

To summarize briefly, here are some methods that you should use as an independent artist to promote your music go viral and music career and stay in touch with your fans in the current digital era.

Online Social Relations

You must prepare a presence for you or your band on as many social networking sites as possible. Surely you have a website, which we all know is important, but today, that’s not enough. You should keep your fans and potential fans informed by using social websites like Twitter, Facebook, iLike, Hubpages, iMeens, Reverbnation, and many more. Socializing on music forums specifically for your music genre is another thing that you have to do a lot. Setting up meetings and greetings through this Internet portal also quickly becomes a new way to continue to interact with your fans.

Official Band and Artist Website and Blog

The official website of your band or artist is also important. It must be designed as professionally as possible and consistent with your artist’s image. This is your home on the web and must be updated and kept fresh. It should have a news page, a press page, and an audio page that should stay fresh with new news, press clips, and music. You also need to have some interactive functions that occur on your home page so that fans can engage, make comments, and interact with you. A blog is another great way to keep fans informed as long as you stay fresh and updated. With blogs, fans can subscribe via RSS Feeds, and everything you post will be sent directly to their desktop. Very strong.

Online Press and Publicity Kit

An online press kit, also known as an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is a promotional tool that every artist or band should have, even if you have a print kit or digital press. EPK online allows you to quickly send your band information and music samples to venues, labels, agents, and even fans for music promotion purposes.


Widgets, as I write this article, are a relatively new form of online music promotion but if used properly is a very powerful viral marketing method. Basically a widget is a digital screenshot of your profile and can contain streaming or downloadable music, bio, publicity, etc. This also allows you to collect fan email addresses. The widget code must be placed on each and every website from the official, to as many social sites as possible, including your own site. The beauty of widgets is that they allow fans to actually take widgets from your website and place the code on their own website – thereby spreading the word to thousands of new fans. You can get a free widget just by registering for an account at a place like reverbnation.com. Are you starting to get meaning from Viral Music Marketing?

Digital Mailing List

I don’t have to mention it, but unfortunately, most of the new artists in the early stages of development that I took still don’t understand. That is the importance of digital email registration modules on all websites. Gathering fans and email addresses of potential fans and storing them in a database for distribution is very important. What you can do with the mailing list is amazing. Announce all the details of the event – hence more fans, send new news or publicity announcements, suggest contests, and announce new CD releases – thus more sales records. A digital mailing list is something an artist should not miss – independent or major.

Advertise on Genre Specific Web Portals

Another good online idea, if it suits your budget, is to consider banner ads on music portals in your music genre. You can advertise new releases, tours, or new offers. Some music portals get thousands of visitors a month and this can definitely increase your exposure. Make sure, however, that banners are professionally designed and animated if possible. Some genre-specific music portals I’m talking about will only charge twenty to thirty dollars a month to advertise your brand. As I mentioned, if you have disposable money in your budget, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Search Engine Marketing – Drive Traffic to all of your Websites

Needless to say, you can have the most professional, professional and functional website design online, but if no one visits them, they aren’t that great, right? So you want to take the time and effort to explore search engine optimization. Find out all the techniques used by search engine technicians to get high rankings in all search engines and especially in results related to music. Search engine optimization, done right, is not easy if you don’t know much about it. Again, if you have a few extra dollars in your budget, you might want to consider hiring a search engine optimization expert. Getting your band found in a search engine can be a tremendous boost to your awareness.

Digital Distribution

Distributing your music online is the key. As I mentioned in the first or second paragraph of this article, digital downloads now hold 50% of all music sales worldwide. This will soon exceed the physical CD sales completely – never turn around again. You must make your music available for digital downloads because many digital distribution portals are available. Some of these include iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and there are many more. When making your product available online for digital downloads, be sure to enter a profile on each portal. Also, find out how they are reporting their sales statistics. You want to make sure you get the right credit for sales in the industry such as voice scanning and voice exchanges for your sales that can be downloaded.

These are only 8 tips and advice for marketing your music online go viral. There are many other methods too. The way to get exposure for your music on the internet is exploding with new strategies every day. Make sure you follow this development and use every possible technique for greater music success opportunities. Good luck!


Having a solid marketing plan for your music is vital to your success. Without having a marketing plan your just making music for yourself because no one will now about it. Most artist completely forget about this aspect thus they never have a real chance at success. This is where you will differ because you have been given knowledge on how to be successful.

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