5 Most Popular Online Music Distribution Companies

If you want your music to be available on popular music stores, apps, and streaming sites like iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify, you need an online dealer to send these sales points to you. No need for a major publisher to release your music worldwide! Popular distributors of unsigned artists include companies like TuneCore and CDBaby, which charge a small fee of about $20/ song or added CD and/or a small annual fee. Some smaller, lesser-known companies offer free distribution! These companies keep all the statistics about who buys your unique album and album while distributing the scheduled payments from the sale to the payment account you want.

UPC Codes

There are three general codes you may encounter while distributing your music: UPC, EAN and ISRC codes. UPC codes are universal product codes; barcodes to track items for sale. This term can also be interchanged with the EAN (European Article Number). UPC/EAN is used to identify the entire album. The ISRC (International Standard Record Code) is used to identify individual songs or music videos. Your album will contains one UPC/EAN code and several ISRC codes.

There are plenty of music distribution companies out there today, but here is the most important recommended choice:


TuneCore is one of the biggest and first online music distribution companies to reach the network. There are currently 10 flat fees for each song and $30 for albums. They do not participate in some of the royalties received for their songs and are usually ready to make the project available for sale in all their stores within 4 weeks. They also provide free UPC codes.

CD Baby

CD Baby is another industry giant that sells most of the music produced in the independent music world. CD baby pays their artists weekly and charges $ 49 per album per year. In addition, a 10% royalty is charged.


Distrokid brings something new to the music distribution world by charging a flat fee of $19 per year for unlimited music. It doesn’t matter if you are distributing 1 song or 100 songs – you only charge $19 a year! Distrokid also ignores royalties earnings. It was created by the musician Philip Kaplan, a service that is highly recommended for artists on a budget.

Ditto Music

Digital music combines the best of the above to create a variety of opportunities for independent music creators. They have the option of distributing a single for $9, an album for $29, and unlimited releases for $79, without paying royalties.


Mondotunes (now known as Octiive) is a distribution company founded by an indie musician who is in the pocket of music creators. Mondotunes allows you to distribute an unlimited number of songs for a flat rate of $39.99 per year. It also retains 100% of your rights and ownership and receives free UPC codes.


Finally, there are many moving parts involved in the distribution of music. A legitimate music distributor always makes sure that the musician’s needs are met and their expectations met.

It is the distributor’s job to take care of the business side of things in terms of delivering musicians’ products on the shelves or on the streaming platform.

It is also your job to make sure they are done through the right channels.

Of course, musicians need to comprehend that distributors also have some limitations, so they need to work with other professionals to develop other aspects of their business.

During marketing and promotion, musicians must work with publicists, marketers, and even event coordinators to get to know their products.

With the rapid growth of technology, streaming services and platforms continue to innovate to meet the growing needs of musicians.

One is that we need to reach out to consumers.

Distributing physical products can be quite taxing and inexpensive, and if little or no sales are made, it can affect musicians’ ability to sell their future products in the same store.

This is the reason why many have opted for digital distribution. For a minimal fee, musicians can feature their music with the highest streaming service to help them reach their fans and potential customers.

But unfortunately, not all distribution services and streaming platforms are created equal, so the musician has to do the due diligence to meet the best expectations.

Hopefully, this article can give every aspiring musician out there the impetus behind why they need to hire a distributor and how to work with them.

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