3 Things You Need to Know for an Extraordinary Music Promotion Plan

So, if you write a lot of rap songs, see what top rappers do and ask yourself what they give to their fans, and how you can offer the same in your own style. This will be helpful with music promotion when you are trying to make money from your art.

The key is not to completely change your image and style to fit the brand. It’s best to massage what you have done to fit the market.

It is true that the Internet is changing the way music marketing is done, it is not enough to assume that everything is done online. For example, the easiest way to market your music might be through your website or the social network you belong to, but remember that because doing something is easy, it doesn’t mean it’s effective. You see, online marketing is not just about convenience … it has to bring results too, and you have to track the results from time to time so you can keep the winner and discard the losers.

I love the phrase “Great quality fast!”

Try to include the following tips into your music marketing plan for 2020.

1. Know your target. How can you sell something if you don’t even know who will buy your things? You might have hundreds of emails on your fan mailing list, but how many of them actually belong to the market that you are suitable for?

Do your audience’s excavations and surveys. Are they really the type that will come to your event or buy your album?

If you want to become a popstar, is it right to send marketing emails to die-hards metal rock? I think the answer is too clear here, but many people think that their music is so good that it will convert people and although that is true in some cases, it is far more difficult than finding a group of people that you are 90% sure will like what you do.

2. Know your marketing options. Now, what is the best way to market your music online? Will you send an email that will feed potential customers through your discounted notes and merchandise offers? If so, the next question is, do you have the funds to do this? Do a mathematical calculation, because it’s free to burden you with money. Apart from the budget, you also have to consider the efficiency of the methods that you will implement. Are you willing to spend hours on a computer promoting your stuff? Even free music promotion takes your time, and for me, it’s even more valuable than money because everyone has limited time.

3. Know what’s important. The best way to communicate is not just talking but also listening. Okay, you are very consistent in sending your promotional e-mails and fan information or in updating your status on Facebook and Twitter. They know what’s wrong with you. They hear you…. but what about them? Do you care about the feedback they leave on your website and social networking sites? Take the time to listen to what people say. Encourage them to comment on your posts or emails. And from there, study where they came from and try to see the value of their advice and adapt to them if you can.

Set up Google alerts on your band name and contact form on your website. Every time a fan takes the time to comment, you must be there with a reply.

Hopefully, these tips are useful, I would like to hear your opinion below.

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