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Who Is This Good For?

  • Good for indie artist in any genre
  • Good for creating a buzz for a new single or album
  • Or regenerating a buzz for a single or album
  • Great for Bands

The #1 Music Marketing Package for Artist on iTunes

Systems Work & People Fail

FACT! You need a system, a proven system in getting your voice, your brand, your music heard! Marketing and advertising, no matter the industry, is critical to your success. However:

“Marketing and Advertising is NOT a science. Marketing and advertising is an art. The art of persuasion!”

Just like you as an artist, your ability to move people by your music is critical, the ability to have your music heard is an art form that we possess. The ability to persuade the listening audience in the crowded and uber-competitive world of iTunes.

“One Size Fits All?” Not in the music world. Too often artists are held captive by companies that have this one size fits all approach. However, your success lies in our customized approach. It begs the question:


Simple, we work best with indie artists in any genre.  We have the ability to understand your music, your vibe, and put a campaign together to generate the “buzz” to your new single or album!


Meaning?  If you as an artist have already released an album or song, we can bring it back to the forefront of audiences!  It’s your sound, it just needs to be heard by more people!

Package Features

Take A Look At What's Included

  • Press Release

    Like any news item in the entertainment field, you need good PR.  Nothing brands your voice or your band like a professional press release


  • Mobile Marketing

    Where do people access the internet?  70% of worldwide consumers are on their mobile device, not PC’s.  Let’s go to your audience.  Your iTunes page sent directly to 10,000 worldwide users.

  • iTunes Page

    Your iTunes page is critical for success.  Why drive buyers anywhere else, except to the portal to where they buy.  How about 10,000 worldwide online ads that will drive listeners to your site!

  • Spotify Promotion

    We promote your music to get streams on Spotify


  • Apple Music Promotion

    Not only will we promote your iTunes page we also promote you to get streams on Apple Music

  • Tidal Promotion

    Not only will we promote your music on iTunes we will also promote you to get streams on Tidal

  • Social Media

    NOTHING can make a sound go viral like the power of social media!  From Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, and Instagram.  Your iTunes link will be marketed and advertised!

  • Music Review

    YES, a professional review of your music posted online!

  • Email Marketing

    The tried and true method of advertising, emails.  We will send your iTunes page to 100,000 plus people!

  • SEO & Local Marketing

    Getting your music on the first page of search engines for the right key words is vital for long-term music success.

  • Radio Commercial

    We will create the sales copy, get a professional demo of the commercial, and have it aired on the best of the best online radio stations.  Go to where the listeners are!

  • Video Distribution

    Nothing tells a story like a video.  We will get your video posted and displayed on numerous video sites to help create that online buzz.

  • Radio Station & DJ Submission

    Get your music submitted to thousands of radio stations (online, FM, and college stations). In addition get submitted to thousands of DJs.

  • Media Coverage

    We have over 10 years of music marketing experience. We have a team of over 10 that work on your campaign day and night to get you coverage in the media.

  • Full Reporting

    After completion of your campaign we will send you a full report on the tasks we have completed for you along with traffic statistics.

Our System

iTunes Exposure

Why This System?

FACT, our music marketing system works. There is NO other service online or offline today that is more “in tune” with the industry, than us.  Regardless of genre, we know our system will create results!

Since 2003 we have been a PayPal Premiere and Verified vendor.  What does this mean?  You can work with us and feel safe and secure that we will handle you and your marketing!  If we don’t deliver, you will receive an IMMEDIATE refund, no questions asked!

What We Do?

We do one thing, we do it well, and we do it for you!  FACT, all artists need an audience.  Your voice, your style, needs to be heard.  We take the end of the business and create success, which allows you to focus on the business.  There are two art forms coming together, your music and our persuasion.  You will find there is no better system to be had.  Take action in your music today!

Steady Marketing

A steady marketing campaign is vital to long-term success. With our single campaign you get over a month of steady marketing and with your album campaign you get four months of continuous marketing. See the difference in our campaign versus our competitors!

Look What Other People Had to Say...

Thank you so much for all of your help! You guys are truly amazing and definitely go the extra mile. I am 100% looking forward to doing business again! Thanks guys!

Convulsic San Diego

iTunes Exposure is so far the best artist promotion company I’ve chosen yet!  They’ve helped me earn more fans, sales, and views! Plus the CEO James K. Moore does an awesome job on my press releases as well.  I’d recommend using this company at least once a month to grow your entertainment future.

Solomon A
Solomon A Atlanta

It was truly an honor working with iTunes Exposure with our project. They were very professional as well as delivered everything they promised. We were overall satisfied with the campaign and will be looking for their assistance with future projects.

Indofin Austin

iTunes Exposure has helped me with multiple campaigns. I would highly suggest any artist that wants to build a buzz for their music to give them a try.

Inusa Dawuda
Inusa Dawuda Germany

I personally want to thank iTunes Exposure & MooreSuccess Inc. for promoting my new single, they did an amazing job. I could not ask for anything better. I would highly recommend any artist who’s serious about their music career to utilize this amazing service.

Matthew Schultz
Matthew Schultz New Jersey

iTunes Exposure is one of the most effective online marketing packages I’ve ever used. The customer service is amazing and the promotions are even better. If you’re looking for professional marketing for your music on iTunes I’d suggest you grab this package right now!

Poitier Chicago

Ready To Order..This Is What You'll Need

  • Music on iTunes (also on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal)
  • Professional Bio
  • Professional pictures
  • Music in MP3 format
  • A video on YouTube or Vimeo (works best if the video is done professionally)


3 campaigns to order:

Single Campaign (You pick the single of your choice to be marketed)

Everything listed above and campaign last about 30-45 days


EP Campaign (2 singles of your choice marketed individually)

Everything listed above except each single gets its own press release written about it, once the 1st single campaign is done the 2nd single campaign begins, each single gets its own individual ad made and marketed separately. This campaign last about 60-70 days.

Album Campaign (3 singles of your choice off your Album  marketed individually)

Everything listed above except each single gets its own press release written about it, once the 1st single campaign is done the 2nd single campaign begins etc…, each single gets its own individual ad made and marketed separately. This campaign last about 120-135 days.

Single Campaign
$ 1689.99
  • Press Release + Distribution + Marketing ($399 Retail)
  • Email Blast
  • Video Distribution + Marketing
  • Radio Submission + DJ Submission ($355 Retail)
  • Professional Ads Created
  • Radio Commercial Created + Aired
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram Marketing
  • SEO and Local Marketing ($300 Retail)
  • Music Review Posted and Marketed
  • Mobile Marketing + Direct Traffic to iTunes page
  • Media Coverage
  • Spotify Promotion
  • Apple Music Promotion
  • Tidal Promotion
  • 30-45 Day Campaign
  • Plus Unadvertised Marketing
  • iTunes Exposure Package DVD (Packed with Exclusive Information)
Order Now

One Time Fee

EP Campaign
$ 2674.99
  • 2X Press Release + Distribution + Marketing ($798 Retail)
  • 2X Email Blast
  • 2X Video Distribution + Marketing
  • 2X Radio Submission + DJ Submission ($710 Retail)
  • 2X Professional Ads Created
  • 2X Radio Commercial Created + Aired
  • 2X Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram Marketing
  • SEO and Local Marketing
  • Music Review Posted and Marketed
  • Mobile Marketing + Direct Traffic to iTunes page
  • 2X Media Coverage
  • 2X Spotify Promotion
  • 2X Apple Music Promotion
  • 2X Tidal Promotion
  • 60 Day Campaign
  • Plus Unadvertised Marketing
  • iTunes Exposure Package DVD (Packed with Exclusive Information)
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One Time Fee

Place your order and once payment is received we will contact you for materials and the next steps of the process. Please have items previously mentioned ready when placing order. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive a message about your order before reaching out to us.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q.Can you guarantee radio play or club play?

      A.We cannot guarantee your music will be aired or picked up by radio stations or by DJs. This is solely at their discretion. However, we can guarantee we will present you in the best possible manner thus increasing your chances of getting picked up and played.

    • Q.Do you guarantee me more sales on iTunes?

      A.We cannot guarantee you more sales on iTunes. This will depend solely on the quality of your music. However, we can guarantee you worldwide exposure which will help gain you more fans and thus increase the likelihood of more sales.

    • Q.Is there a particular genre this package is better suited for?

      A.No, we have worked with artists/bands on every continent and haven’t come across one or a genre we couldn’t promote. We have over 10 years music marketing experience as well as a team of professionals that know how to make your music standout from the rest.

    • Q.Do I get a report once the campaign is complete?

      A.Yes, you will get a detailed report once your campaign is complete with all of the links we have created along with all of the materials we have created.

    • Q.Why is this package so cheap?

      A.We don’t like to look at is a cheap but instead as affordable. By eliminating sales individuals and someone managing a phone we are able to offer this package at a more cost effective price and can pass the saving along to you.

    • Q.What if I don’t have a professional music video can I still order this package?

      A.Yes, even if you have a video with audio and a still image that is acceptable. However, for the best results having a professional music video will yield a better campaign. We know that having a professional music video might not be feasible…but you must at least have a video.

    • Q.Do you offer a client based service/campaign?

      A.Yes, after each campaign we take a look at the results of your campaign. Based off that we will offer you a chance to become a client. It is also based on how many openings we have at the time.

    • Q.Do I need to have a radio edited version of my song to alternative versions to get it submitted to DJs and radio stations?

      A.Technically you only need one version however most radio stations want a clean or edited version of the song to play. We can submit an explicit song for consideration but the chances of getting picked up drops significantly.

    • Q.When you’re done with my campaign how else do you help me promote my music?

      A.We don’t just stop when your campaign is over. We give you all the materials we created for you including you ads, radio commercial, along with the reference letter and one sheet we used to submit your music. Then we give you contacts and instructions to submit your music to while trying to gain more coverage off the buzz we created for you. We’re not just a wham bam thank you mama type of company. Your success is a direct reflection of our success and we aim to please.

    • Q.Do you offer phone support?

      A.To keep prices low we don’t offer phone support. Instead we handle questions via email. If you are truly in need to speak with someone we can schedule a call with you.